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At a Glance

BS West, established in 1988, has been a popular release for many in the Arizona LGBTQ+ community. We’re not limited to that though! Some call BS West home while others stumble upon its diverse yet unified constituents who come in all colors, shapes, ages, and sizes.

Our goal, hope, and mission all align in the purpose of providing a safe, fun, and delightful experience for all who come through the door. We have an undeniably strong NO HATE POLICY and will not bend or break for ANYONE who walks through OUR Doors. OUR Door can be Your door as long as you understand and respect that rule.

Bear With Us, Please!

BS West is currently a work in progress during our post-COVID-19 closure.

After 6 months of hard work, heavy sanitization, and remodeling, we are FINALLY open again working at 33% capacity. This means that we have limited seating in-house as well as in our back, enclosed patio. We have started offering food and snacks to provide to our patrons while they sit back and relax. See our Menu here!

Keep In Mind

In order to comply with COVID-19 Restrictions, here are a list of regulations that MUST be adhered to while visiting us:

  • Face masks are REQUIRED while inside the building. You may remove them while at your designated seats only. If you’re on the move, your mask needs to be worn COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE
  • Social distancing practice is in effect. Please remain at least six (6) feet away from any person who is not a member of your immediate party
  • Please remain seated at all times unless you need to use the restroom or go to either the front patio to smoke. As long as a member of your party remains at the table or you notify staff, your seats will be saved. NO DANCING IS PERMITTED WITHIN THE BUILDING AT THIS TIME
  • Please do NOT get up onto the stage during a performance unless invited by a performer directly. Social distancing practice needs to still be observed during such invitation as well
  • Please, please, PLEASE wash your hands after using the facilities. Hand sanitizers will be provided at all tables and seating areas

We’re Happy To Have You Back!

The BS West team is as excited to serve you again as you probably are to get back home to us! Rob Salvato and Mike Fornelli have been working tirelessly during quarantine to make BS West a safe place for you guys to return to while following all guidelines instituted by the state of Arizona. When you’re here, you’re family! (no copyright infringement intended!)

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Since we’re still in a soft-opening currently, we’d appreciate any and all feedback you could provide. Feel Free to contact us any time!

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