Hump Day celebrations are in full effect every “Weekend Wednesday” with your Rubye Moore & a variety of guest hosts every week, featuring DJ Robot!

Mid-Week Drag Entertainment on Wednesdays @ 10:30pm!

Combine hilarious hosts giving you Pop-Up Drag and sexy, almost-naked bartenders serving you bitchin’ drink specials all night long and you’ve got yourself a delectable hump day treat!

Join us every Wednesday night starting at 10:30pm to party it up, only at BS West!

*Please note, upstairs & VIP will only open if downstairs/patio become full. Otherwise we'll place you downstairs or in the patio where all the action is!
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Meet the Cast!

Please feel free to use the links below each of the girls to tip them during the show, or any time you’d like! Let them know what you think of the show and their talents!

Rubye Moore

Rubye Moore, confirmed Nickelback enthusiast, is a high fashion drag icon and staple in the Phoenix community. Catch her turning lewks while becoming increasingly more annoyed with Benaddiction and life itself.


Benaddiction is a high energy entertainer who prides herself on her witty hosting skills and ability to drink her audience under the table. When she’s not serving the kids, she’s probably falling off of an elevated surface somewhere…

DJ Robot

BRRZT! What a woman! From chill techno to heavy hardstyle, DJ Robot is one hellavu mixer! Her expert-level handling of ambiance and sound will take you on a mind trip you weren’t planning on going on, but in the BeSt way! Get ready for an electrifyingly great time! Careful not to short-circuit 😉

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