Drag like you’ve never seen before, introducing “Visionaries” 👽🛸

The newest addition to BS West’s line up of weekly entertainment

Visionaries is a look into the FUTURE of drag and what wonders there are to behold! This show is a combination of new, old, modern, “weird”, and unexpected styles of entertainment that will leave you feeling as if you’ve just been bound, gagged and probed all night long!

With a revolving list of weekly guest performers and co-hosts, Visionaries is bringing together people and energies from all walks of life into one safe, fun, and rockin’ [outer] space that’s welcome to one and all, alien or otherwise 😉

Looking to be a part of the show?

Get in contact with your host Naomi DeMornay on Instagram or Facebook!

Naomi DeMornay

Meet your spaceship’s captain, Naomi DeMornay! Not only are her performances and energy out of this world, her creative costumes and far-out persona will bring you into a lavish, lucrative, ludicrous fantasy that -IS- the Naomi experience.

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